Our Story

Unlike many great Finnish inventions, the idea for Creators wasn't born in a Sauna. Instead, the first steps were taken in an Aussie bar when two friends, Henri & Veli-Matti (both Engineers), were having burgers and quite frankly ranting on how Engineers are still working in the 90's. Both had witnessed the work life evolve and engineers getting stuck with traditional ways of work with fixed offices, desktop computers, basic mobile phones, and what-not. The idea of improving Engineers' work life grew in their thoughts for over two years. Eventually they decided to become Creators. After some inescapable paperwork, enthusiastic market analysis and late night office renovations Creators – The Engineers' Club was launched in 2018.

Our Philosophy

Our business is based on our greatest asset, employees. Our mission is to make our people happy in order to unleash greatest innovations and added value for our customers.

As mentioned earlier, we truly believe in self-determination theory in which humans have three basic needs that, if satisfied, allow finest innovation and personal growth: Autonomy, Capability and sense of Community.

These three psychological factors are crucial for motivation. Therefore motivating Creators for the finest performance requires a work environment where they can make their own choices, realize their capabilities and be a part of a community that supports each other. So, in order to satisfy the needs of our Creators, we treasure a work culture in which the bearing values are:

  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Co-operation
  • Community

A Creator’s work might take them to a modern R&D hub, critical power plant or even a factory. However, we also have a place to call our own: our newly renovated office is located in the heart of Helsinki where we get together regularly to have internal Tech sessions and hangout with other Creators. As a Creator, you are a part of an inspiring community that is supportive, encouraging, and motivating.

  • 2018 Founded
  • 92 Creators
  • 2 Office
  • 351 PS4 games played

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